Priceless Views

Last weekend I went to Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia! It is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tallahassee so Chris and I woke up early and hit the road. The drive from Tallahassee was really nice, we drove through a city of Havana which has a super cute downtown area, we saw a lot of cotton fields and abandoned houses but they looked cool. I wanted to take pictures of them but I didn’t because we were driving. There was a lot to look at and it was all very scenic (Georgia is my favorite state).

Once we got there, we paid five dollars for parking but that was the only thing we had to pay for at the park. We parked at the visitor center and got ready to make our hike happen! There are two paths you can take, the 3 mile canyon loop or the 7 mile hike. If you are feeling ambitious you can totally do the 7 mile hike but if you only want to see the canyons (like me) the 3 mile canyon loop is perfect. Something that I learned on the hike is that if you want to actually go into the canyons you need to follow the signs that tell you where the canyons are. So there will be two signs one that says 3 mile loop and points straight ahead and another sign that says canyons 1-5 and points to the left, if you want to go into the canyon follow the canyon 1-5 sign. There is also another one that will appear that says canyon 6-9 and thats to go into those canyons. I didn’t figure that out until we had passed the signs so we turned back to get into a canyon.

I highly recommend going inside the canyons, I think it is the most unique part of this park. It also looks really cool when you’re in there. There are signs everywhere that say not to climb the canyons but I did it anyways because you could see trails that people made themselves because most people climb the canyons so I followed those. I am very afraid of heights and I still climbed them so anyone can do it,  it was really beautiful and I think it was a really cool experience to be able to go in there. (10/10 would recommend)

After we got to explore the inside of the canyons we got back on the 3 mile trail. On the way up the trail you will see old cars from the homestead that used to be there. I am a huge fan of old cars so I thought it was awesome. The reason that the cars are still there is because they have been there for so long that they have become part of the eco system and to remove it would hurt the environment so they keep them there. It looks awesome and I took a lot of pictures of the cars.

Once you get to the top of the trail you start to see the canyons from the top and it’s really scenic. There is a railing but on the other side you can see where people just walk to the edge and your not supposed to do that but you really wont get the breath taking view if you don’t do that. It feels a little scary but it’s totally worth it. Chris and I hoped the fence and had a lovely picnic over looking the canyons (V romantic). I packed a lunch which I recommend because you are in the middle of no where so it would be a while if you tried leaving to get food.

The 3 mile hike takes you all the way around the canyons and back to the visitor center so thats what we did. For this trip I personally feel that the pictures say more than I ever could. I can only tell you guys so many times how gorgeous it was but you need to see it to really understand. So here are the pictures!


I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Travel often!


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