Under The Sea!

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to tell you all about my first underwater adventure but first if you haven’t noticed, I made a lot of changes to the blog and I am very excited about it! I think it looks great, its the look for this page that I have always wanted and I’m incredibly excited for everyone to see it!

So last weekend I went to Lauderdale by the Sea which is a area located in Fort Lauderdale and I had my first Scuba Diving experience. I have been considering getting certified for a while now but I wanted to go out and try it first so that is exactly what I did. Chris (my boyfriend/heart husband (watch Turn)) is scuba certified and took me. Now if you are a regular diver please don’t have a cow about him taking me. I know that you’re not technically supposed to do that but the night before we practiced in my pool and I learn some emergency safety procedures and everything went well (I’m alive, aren’t I).  I wanted to have this experience because I wasn’t willing to commit up to $250 dollars to something that I might not like. Needless to say it was awesome and I loved it! (except for carrying the BCD with the tank on it out to the ocean, it’s ridiculously heavy).

First off, the day was perfect for my first experience because the water was very calm and crystal clear. We got all of the equipment and I carried my BCD with the tank on it (I looked like a turtle that was dying) to the ocean and we got in the water and swam out. Once we got to the bottom it was so cool. I didn’t realize how easy it was to actually scuba dive. I always assumed that it was scary but it was really easy to get down there. I saw so many colorful fish and it was so pretty. Some really cool animals that I saw were a nerf shark (I freaked out a little), two baby squids (they looked like aliens), a baby sting ray, and my personal favorite a sea turtle (It was so amazing that I wanted to cry but the whole being underwater and having the mask on made it difficult). It was so incredible and I can’t wait to go again. I am definitely getting certified next semester when I don’t have a million things going on. I would recommend this to anyone(10/10 would recommend), I thought it was a really unique experience and very memorable. Unfortunately I don’t have an underwater camera but it’s something that I have been wanting to acquire so I can document these moments. I do have a picture of me in my BCD lol. Next time I 100% want to find a camera and show you guys all the cool animals.


This semester is definitely a super crazy because I’m taking the GRE, applying to graduate school, working on my honors thesis and trying to pass all of my classes but I am trying really hard to keep you guys updated on all of my trips. Next time will either be Venice Beach or St. Augustine, it just depends if Venice Beach is a good enough trip to be written about but I will definitely be writing about St. Augustine!

Thanks for reading, check out my new look, and travel often! Till next time!


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