Clear Blue Waters

Hi everyone! So I have been MIA for a while. School and work has been really crazy but I am hoping that things slow down (they won’t but I’m going to make time anyway) so I can go back to regular posts. This summer I planned on going to Devils Den but unfortunately there were not enough weekends this summer between everything that I had to get done and all the other trips I had. I made it to Gatlinburg Tennessee this summer but I didn’t stay there long enough to feel like it was worth writing about. I wanted to see and do more than I got a chance to.

I did make it to other places. My most recent adventure was to Ichetucknee Springs, it locked 30 min away from Lake City Fl and it was a day trip that my boyfriend and I planned. So lets get to it!

At Ichetucknee Springs you can go tubing, snorkeling, and scuba diving! Before getting into the park you need to rent a tube if you’re going tubing. Once you get close to the park you will start to notice rental places all around (they are very obvious, you can’t miss them). A regular tube is 5 dollars (which is great for a college person like me) and the prices go up from there for the more fancy tubes. You really only need the regular one but it’s a matter of personal taste. I got a regular 5 dollar tube and was fine. After you rent the tube you go to the entrance and pay 6 dollars to get into the park. From there you don’t need to pay for anything else besides the tram that takes you to the tubing area. We did things a little differently because it was out first time and we didn’t know how it went but it all worked out.

I loved my experience here, I thought it was beautiful and so relaxing. It is a wonderful place for families and young adults alike. The water is crystal clear and super blue and also 72 degrees (haha). The water super cold! I wore a full body wetsuit and I felt great but I saw other brave people struggling to feel okay in the water. At any spring that you go to it will always be cold so if you don’t think you can handle it definitely get a wetsuit. I rented mine for the entire weekend for 17 dollars at a place in tallahassee. When you go tubing you don’t really need to wear a wet suit but if you want to go swimming in the spring you definitely should.

While you’re there you can go tubing down the river and swimming/diving at the springs. I did all three, I didn’t care much for tubing but that is a personal thing (I found it kind of boring even though I understand that the point is to relax). I was more interested in diving and swimming but we wanted to get our money’s worth so we did everything. It was very nice to float and it was also a beautiful day. The nature around you as you float is very pretty to look at as well. Snorkeling in the swimming hole was my favorite because it was crystal clear and you could see everything straight to the bottom. It was really deep and there were caves at the bottom but I couldn’t get down there because my wetsuit made me super buoyant. I think you could probably scuba dive in that area also but the best place the scuba dive is blue hole. It is literally a huge hole/cave that you can dive down to and explore. If you are snorkeling you can see straight to the bottom of the hole. I would say it’s about 30-60 feet deep (I’m terrible at spacial things so I could be completely wrong but I’m pretty sure it was along those lines lol).


  1. Bring your own food: Chris and I brought lunch (we made PB&J sandwiches because we didn’t have a cooler). There isn’t much around the park in terms of cities the closest big city to find food in is Lake City and it’s about 30 min away so I suggest bringing food if you want to make a day of it.
  2. Get to the park ASAP: The park fills up quickly so get there as soon as it opens. I got there at 8:30 am and I waited in line for 15 min (this sounds very dramatic but it wasn’t) and the park had just opened (the park opens at 8am).
  3. Wear a wetsuit for swimming: Just want to reiterate this because I felt bad for the little children who were so cold in the water that their teeth were chattering.

All in all, this trip was super fun and I think everyone should visit Ichetucknee Springs (10/10 would recommend).

Here is a funny picture of Chris and I trying to take a picture underwater:

#wetried lol


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