Last day in Budapest!

So on my last day in Budapest I went to Szechenyi bath, souvenir shopping and to the Opera!

I took a cab to the bath because my 48 hour bus ticket expired. I was afraid that it would be weird (I’ve never taken a cab before) but it was fine. I scheduled a massage in advance because the woman at the hotel said that I needed to do that so when I got there I just checked in and they showed me where to go. I had about an hour before my massage so I went to the out door thermal bath. The building itself was very pretty and there were a lot of nice statues around. The bath area is basically like a giant hot tub. It was cool but I also felt kind of weird about it because there were so many people in it and it smelled like wet dog. So I was only in the water for about 20 min before I decided to get out. I didn’t know this but there are more pools inside the building which was cool (check that out if you ever go there), I only found out because to get to the massage room I had to walk by all of them. The massage I got was heavenly! I even fell asleep for part of it. I had never gotten a massage before so it was really nice. After the massage I left and went back to the hotel to get cleaned up to go to the down town market.

Before I got a few souvenirs to take home, I had lunch at this small cafe. The food was good, I had schnitzel and salad. The significant things I got where a Hungarian traditional doll, a hand stitched table cloth (for me mom), and I brought home some Palinka and Tokaji for my boyfriend to try. The doll is handmade and very beautiful which is why I wanted it. I tried to get the most traditional and unique things. The table cloth was delicately made and gorgeous (my mom loved it). These objects are a bit pricy but if you look around you can find the best deal. The table cloth is the most expensive souvenir I found.

Lastly I went to the opera. The show was just average, I didn’t think it was very amazing. The singers where good but I think that the play itself wasn’t very exciting. The best part about going to the opera was being in the building because it was so gorgeous inside! I’m so happy that I got to sit in there because it was lovely. I also had a great seat (six rows from the front). I love opera music and I think that if it was another show that I would have enjoyed it more. For dinner I ordered room service because it was late and I was tired. I just had a cheese burger (you can take the girl out of America but you can’t take the America out of the girl lol). It was a very good burger but nothing special.

I had a wonderful time in Budapest! It is a beautiful city with a lot of history. Two things that I didn’t have time to see which I wish I could have were the Ruins bars (I saw a few but not the one that I wanted to) and I didn’t get a rose shaped gelato which wasn’t because they didn’t have gelato but because I couldn’t find anywhere that would make it in a rose shape for me.  Maybe if I get to visit again I’ll try those things. If anyone has questions about my trip please feel free to ask in the comments and if you want to read about my next adventure please follow my blog!


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