Day 3: Pest

First of all let me say that I had full intensions of having this posted on Wednesday night but the wifi at this hotel was so horrible that it wasn’t saving my posts so I couldn’t publish anything. I also tried the next day but it was the same deal. I got home yesterday had dinner and went to bed because I had been awake for almost 24 hours so now I am publishing this post. Also the picture situation was awful as well, nothing was loading.

So my third day in Budapest was spent exploring the remaining side of Pest. I went to the parliament building, Hero’s Square and the area that surrounds it. I took the hip-hop bus (Hop-on hop-off, I think its more fun to call it the hip hop bus) to where I was going because it was the most convenient way to get around.

First stop was the Parliament building. It was very big and beautiful, there were military officers all around it and they did a changing of the guard type thing every now and then.We weren’t allowed to tour the inside of the building so I just walked around it. There were two underground exhibits. One of them showed pieces of the building that were destroyed by WW2 and the other was a memorial for the people who died during a stand off with the communist government back in the day. When I was walking to the parliament building from the bus stop I walked along the Danube river and I saw a beautiful memorial of shoes that belonged Jews who were told to take their shoes off before they were shot on the bank of the river so their bodies fell in it. It was a really somber memorial but it was beautiful.

After this I went to Hero’s Square where the big statue of an angel holding the Hungarian royal crown is located. They also have the tomb of the unknown soldier. Around the square is the Museum of fine arts and the city park. There are also castles there that are really pretty. The name of it is in Hungarian and I have no idea what it’s called but if you go to Hero’s square you will see it. I promise. You can tour the castle towers it wasn’t expensive at all. The tour isn’t very exciting but the view from the tower is really nice. City park was also really pretty. I walked around there while I waited for the tour to start. There was a lake there where you can rent a row boat and go out on the water. I also learned that in the winter it becomes the most popular ice rink in Budapest.

I ate lunch in Hero’s square and I had a view of the castle and lake that was amazing. The food was very good, I had duck leg with white wine to drink and for desert I had ice cream! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the duck but it was delicious. Every where I ate in Hungary the food was superb.

For dinner I went to the New York Cafe. Everyone has to go here at least once in their lives! It was the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. It looks like the inside of a royal castle, it’s so gorgeous. It was also really expensive, I had dinner with my dad and some of his coworkers who where also there with him and for the four of us it cost about 400 dollars for dinner. It was 100% worth it though. The food and the service were impeccable and I got to try traditional Hungarian alcohol (that was the fun part). I had a garden salad to begin with and as my main course I had pork leg that was perfectly cooked (crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside) and for desert I had Opera cake (it tasted like Tiramisu but more chocolatey and the consistency was different). Everything I ate was perfectly cooked and tasted great. To drink I had water but I did try Palinka and Tokaji. Palinka is a liquor that is made from fruits, I tried the Apricot flavored one. It is the strongest drink I have ever had. It just evaporates from your mouth when you try to drink it that’s how strong it is. I honestly think it just kills everything inside you (haha). It was like rubbing alcohol, if I has wounded and the only thing to clean it was Palinka I would feel good about that (lol). I couldn’t finish it because it was so strong. It is served as a shot because it’s so strong. I think if you had more than one you might die. Tokaji is a desert wine and it is very sweet. It tastes like honey. I thought it tasted good but I couldn’t finish it because I was so full. Everyone has to try both of these if they are in Hungary!

My last day I went to a Bath/SPA, souvenir shopping and to the opera!




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