Day 2: Buda

Today I went to Buda! It rained in the afternoon but we got to see all of Buda before that happened which was nice. So if you didn’t know Budapest is split by the Danube river into two different sections. There is Buda and there is Pest. Buda + Pest = Budapest. It’s a simple equation. I got a hop-on hop-off tour bus pass which is very convenient if you are going to visit the big attractions or if you just want it to take you to different parts of the city. I don’t recommend just staying on the bus because the tour that the bus gives you is not worth it. You wont be able to get good pictures or see anything really (it is good to teach you the history though).

I took the bus to Buda and I think that I like Buda more than Pest. Pest is more urban and Buda is more historical and quiet (I am not a fan of busy city life). I think that Buda was beautiful! The sites that I saw were very nice but I think the best part about it was the view. I got the best pictures of the city from Buda. It is on a hill so you can see everything from up there. The Citadella had the best view of the Danube, Matthias Church had the best view of the Parliament building across the Danube, Buda Castle had a nice view of the Chain Bridge and Pest. I think that the best place to get a picture of the Chain Bridge is from the Funicular.


My first stop was the Buda Castle. It was very beautiful, I walked all around it and went into the entrance but it was having an art exhibit and I didn’t want to pay to go in there to see it so I didn’t go in there but the outside is nice and the views around it were really beautiful. After this I went to Matthias Church which is huge gothic cathedral. It is stunning outside and inside. The outside has painted roof tiles that look gorgeous all around. The inside is painted head to toe, it’s incredible the amount of detail on the walls. The stain glass windows were probably my favorite part this church (some churches have stained glass windows but they are ugly or creepy looking  with weird designs (idk if anyone else feels that way) but these windows were gorgeous). I had to pay a to get a ticket to go into the church but it wasn’t expensive at all (I got a student discount( $3.60)). There is also a museum inside the church that you can go into that has artifacts. They had a saints foot in one of the cases. I thought it was weird because all I kept think was “Why his foot?” and “Where is the rest of him?” and “This poor guy is buried without his foot”. I also thought “When did they take his foot? As soon as he died or did they wait a few years and go back in there to retrieve it?” and “Was his foot always this size or did it shrink?” it was weird and just looked like a small brown log (until I read that it was a foot). I didn’t think to take a picture of the foot. You would think I had since it was such a mystery to me. I have pictures of the inside of the church but I have to warn you that the lighting in there was weird so it might look odd.

After we went into the church we saw the Fisherman’s Bastion. I thought it was going to be like a sea port kind of thing but it was actually a really big wall that was around the church. I didn’t take a picture of it (actually I did, I just didn’t know it when I wrote this) because I didn’t realize that we were there until after we left. The Bastion was really pretty though and it offered beautiful views. Then we went to the Citadella which was on the other side of Buda. It wasn’t very pretty it looked like a massive bunker. Historically that is what a citadella was used for. If someone was invading and they got into the city the people (probably only the rich people) could run to the citadella and be saved. I’m not sure how good of a plan this was (once the enemy is in they are in) but it looked like it could protect you. Walking up to the Citadella you have a perfect view of Budapest and the Danube river. I also saw the the freedom statue on Gellert hill. It was very pretty and big. I don’t know what else to say about it because it was a statue (sorry that wasn’t exciting).

A minor attraction that caught my attention were these huge statues of soldiers in front of an old weapons manufacturing building. They were very cool looking.

The food today was very good. We had a large breakfast so we had a late lunch/early dinner (I call it linner, others call it dunch). We went to this restaurant in Buda called Zona and I had to try Chicken Paprika! Hungary is famous for Paprika so I had to have this dish. It was amazing, very tasty! It was served with this pasta thing with feta cheese on the inside. All of the flavors balanced out. For desert I had their summer pudding mug which was really good as well. It was a layer of cherry pudding with dried cherries, on top of that was a vanilla cream and the top layer was carrot pudding with pistachio cookie crumb over it. It might sound weird but it was amazing. Food in Europe is always the best.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Hero’s Square and the parliament building! I can’t for what tomorrow will bring!

(Extra: I got opera tickets! I am going on Thursday night to see Macbeth by Verdi)

****NOTE: I have updated this with pictures! Man in blue in my pictures is my dad!


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