First Impression of Budapest

I made it! I am in Budapest Hungary and so far I love it! I said in my last post that I wanted to check out the Buda part of Budapest but I underestimated how exhausted I would be after losing the night and only getting two hours of sleep from Florida to Hungary so I didn’t go there today. I got the hotel and I took a two hour nap because my day never ended. Since yesterday morning I have been awake and it has been a struggle. So we napped and then we just walked around Pest all afternoon.

It is a very beautiful city, I  think that it has a very bohemian feel to it. It reminds me of Paris (probably why it’s called the Paris of the East), all the buildings are very grand and the city itself is structured similarly. We walked to the Danube and followed it for a bit I saw the Buda part of the city on the other side (I took a picture) and then we walked in the market alley ( I am not very sure where we were). There were a lot of little stores and coffee shoppes. It was very cute!

I started off really well with the food here. It is so good! I had this impression before I got here that Hungarian food wouldn’t be very good but boy was I wrong! So far everything I have eaten has been excellent. I didn’t have lunch or breakfast because my body is still adjusting to this time difference but I had a snack in the afternoon and dinner.

My snack was Kurtoskalacs (idk if that is plural or not, I don’t speak Hungarian). I went to this small coffee shop where they make the Kurtoskalacs and they serve it to you fresh from the oven. They are a cylindrical pastry with nothing in the center and a topping on the outside (think churro but wider). You can pick the flavor you want, I got the cinnamon one (I read online that it was a good flavor) , and they bring it to you all fluffy and delicious. It was so good. I am definitely having another one sometime this week.


For dinner I had Goulash Soup which was amazing. I’m not a big soup person but I read that this was a must eat in Hungary and it was very good. It is like a beef stew but it has paprika and other spices. For desert I had Somloi Galuska. This was like a rum and raisin cake pop without the pop part but the consistency is of a cake pop and over it was a dark chocolate syrup. It was very good, all of the flavors balanced out and it wasn’t too sweet. All of the food I have had today have been delicious! I am very happy with this experience so far.

This week will play out as follows: Tomorrow I am going to get a two day bus tour pass (I just want it to drive me to the attractions) and I am going to visit some places and then I will use the second day pass on Wednesday to keep going places and visiting as many places as throughly as possible. Thursday I am going to a bath/spa in the morning and at night I am going to the opera (still tentative but I want it to happen). Friday I am leaving.

So far it has been a very exciting experience and there might be some rain but I am looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

(Extra: Let me just comment on how incredibly cheap food and drinks are here, it honestly blows my mind. The dollar is equal to 280 Forint and our dinner was 10,000 Forint. That is 35 dollars for a three person dinner including drinks and desert. It was a nice place too with a live band. Just saying.)


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