Just Go.

Hi everyone! I found this quote and it made me feel inspired to write about it.(I also LOVE giraffes)  

 I never noticed how many places I had visited until I discovered St Mary’s GA and realized that I love going to new places. I have been to Europe, South America and to many states in the USA. This picture makes me think about all of the opportunities I have had and makes me want to tell people to just go. Just go anywhere. Since I’m in college most of my trips are just a few hours away but you would be surprised by how many amazing places I’ve seen by just driving two hours in one direction. It doesn’t matter how long you stay as long as you feel that you have gotten the most out of it. I’m in love with St Mary’s GA and I was there for all of 5 hours. It was 5 hours I will never forget. A lot of people think that to be into travel you need to go to all of these exotic places but it’s not true. To love travel you just need to love experienceing new things. If I could tell anyone anything about my love of travel that would be it.

This is an inbetween post while I finish up school. Everything has been crazy and I’ve had so much work the last two weeks which is why the Paris post isn’t up yet but I promise it will be up by the weekend! 


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