Europe Adventure: Italy

Italy was not what I thought it was going to be. We left Austria  and drove down (because we stayed at an inn in the mountains) to Italy. When you go to the cities in Italy it looks like the Lizzie Mcguire; movie where they go to Rome as their senior class trip; i.e. beautiful and touristy. When you are driving on the outskirts of Italy it is not like that. It reminded me of Brazil (that’s saying something). In Brazil, you would find what you would expect from a developing country (it’s scary). That is how I felt when we were driving around Italy (not hating on Italy). We stayed in a hotel which looked like an Italian Best Western and then the next day we went to the city Venice.

Venice, Italy

Venice is huge and I found that out the hard way. One of the articles I read about what to do in Venice said “get lost in Venice”, at the time that sounded like such an adventurous idea. So that is what we did. We walked around everywhere, all day, it never ended. Venice was beautiful! We didn’t go into any churched because the lines were ridiculously long and the sun was cooking us. While we were there we just walked around and looked at anything that we found interesting. This process was exhausting but I can say that I have seen every inch of Venice because it’s not a very big city and I walked everywhere that day. My feet have never hurt so much (except when I did Dance Marathon and stood/danced for 20 hours #FTK). My favorite part about about Venice was how colorful all the buildings were. It was so beautiful, around every corner there was something different. It felt like you were in a different world. We had lunch at this very small restaurant that had out door seating under this huge tree that provided perfect shade. We had pizza, I read that you shouldn’t eat pizza in Italy but I had it anyway. It wasn’t amazing but it was good. The view of the area around us was my favorite thing about the restaurant we ate at. It was in the middle of an open square. All around Venice you walk through tight corridors but once we found this square it was like a breath of fresh air. It was very wide and spacious. The food in Italy in general was okay, I really expected it to be the best Italian food ever but that was not my experience (maybe I didn’t go to the right places).  At the end of the day we were seriously lost in Venice and needed a map and a lot of help to get back to where we came from. Once we made it back, I got the best gelato of my entire life. It was lemon and strawberry gelato (I wanted it to be like strawberry lemonade) and it was so delicious. No gelato in America will ever compare to that gelato (I feel that way about a lot of the food I had in Europe). After a very long day of walking around Venice we went back to the Italian Best Western and the next day we went to Verona (it was kind of a spontaneous decision).

The restaurant in the square
Danny and I in Venice

Verona, Italy

The city where Romeo and Juliet killed themselves (how romantic). This was my favorite city in Italy (that I have visited). I thought that it was way less touristy but very commercial. In Venice you saw nothing but small businesses but in Verona you could probably get any designer brands your  little shopaholic heart desired. It was a beautiful city (I need new adjectives). It felt small and I think there was more attractions to see then in Venice. In Venice; you come to see the city of Venice. In Verona; you come to see the city of Verona and then some other cool places. While there we went to Juliet’s house (I thought this was really cool because I like literature). The house was very romantic looking. There were vines going up the walls and Juliet’s balcony was there. It was not what I imagined but so much more awesome because it was real. It was smaller then I expected but back in its time it was probably considered really big. We also visited Juliet’s grave. It was located away from down town but the museum was so pretty. There had a garden outside of where her tomb is and then you go into her tomb and her grave is down there. It was really cool. I thought it was really neat that the city cares so much about a fictional story that was written about them (reading is cool). In Verona you can go to the center of town which is a big circle. It is where a smaller version of the coliseum is located and you can walk down this very wide alley and see all of the stores and the restaurants. The rest of the city is really pretty too. You can walk around and see how sweet looking it is (we parked far away so we had to walk places). We did not eat in Verona because we were on our way back to Germany where we were going to catch our plane to Paris. This leads me to the last country in the Europe Adventure series which is France!

1780-Verona-Juliet's Balcony
Juliet’s House
Juliet’s Tomb
Juliet’s Tomb
A pretty building


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