Europe Adventure: Austria

Country number two on our Europe tour was Austria! It was just like Germany but with a different name (I really don’t know why they are separate countries). While in Austria we visited Salzburg and the Alps (I’ve never seen snow except in ice form on the alps).


Salzburg is a really pretty city. It was the most modern compared to the other places I visited in Europe. In some ways it reminded me of certain parts of New York (from what I’ve seen in movies). After we found parking, we walked to a bridge and crossed over to a historical area where we saw Mozarts’ house. It was different than I expected because I figured it would be this very big mansion but it was a yellow building smacked in between a long line of buildings. I should know better since I used to do music and I know what a musicians life is like (#broke). We walked around a lot and saw a bunch a little stores that were all very cute. We had lunch at this small restaurant that looked like it was in the secret garden because it was so quaint and hidden. The food was remarkably fresh and delicious. We had schnitzel and potatoes (even the food is the same as in Germany). Later we visited Hohensalzburg Castle which is an impressive fort. We took this tram thing to get there (they called it a lift but I thought it was a tram) because it’s on the top of a mountain (I’m from Florida so everything that isn’t flat is a mountain to me). Once we got there we walked all around the outside. You can get the best view of all of Salzburg from up there (take pictures here). It was beautiful! The inside of the fort is a war museum. There are artifacts from both World Wars and many other wars that I don’t know the names of (history was never my thing). The surrounding area has a lot of churches (I think I saw more churches then anything in Europe). They were all very beautiful and some of them had gardens that were really pretty too. We saw all of this in one day because it was all within walking distance. You have to pay to go to the fort but it includes the tram and getting into the castle (I think it really just pays for the tram). You can take a guided tour but my family and I just did our own thing. I think we got a lot out of that. It’s really up to you and how you like to travel.

mozarts house


View from top of fort
After staying in the most adorable bed and breakfast I’ve ever been to in my whole life (food was amazing!). We went to the Alps! The Alps cover a lot of Europe but the part that we saw was in Austria. We drove up one of those very scenic routes on the edge of a cliff (like in a Volkswagen commercial) the entire way up. It was so beautiful and terrifying (what a rush!). I was slightly afraid for my life serval times (you feel like at any moment you will drive off the cliff) but the views were worth it. It was one of the most breath taking sights I’ve ever seen. Being at the top of a mountain looking at everything beneath me was incredible (photo op!). The mountains where huge with snow covering the tips and everything beneath them was green (just like a kodak commercial picture). I have never seen snow fall (I know, my life is deprived of Christmas joy) but I did see icy snow on the floor in the Alps. I kept getting really excited because it’s the closest I’ve ever been to falling snow. We visited this gift shop at the top of the mountain and it was goat themed. I thought it was funny but it makes sense because goats like to climb mountains. On the way down we stopped by this amazing waterfall tourist area ( I wish I knew what this place was called). It was so beautiful and the little information house was very cute. I vaguely remember something about a witch (if you know or recognize it in the pictures, comment and let me know!) At then end of coming down from the Alps we got Bratwurst because after this we were going to Italy (I needed to enjoy my last one in Austria)!


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