World Autism Awareness Day!!

Hello friends! Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day! I know that I usually do my traveling stories but I work for “Autism Speaks U” and we have an amazing awareness week planned, and I really wanted to get the word out (also it’s WORLD autism awareness day so this post is still relevant)!

I am very passionate about this organization. I have worked with special needs children since high school and they have touched my heart. I walk for Emily; she would listen to me sing to her while we walked around the soccer field. She couldn’t communicate with me verbally but I could tell she enjoyed the music from the smile one her face. I walk for Landon; he was learning to speak at age 7-8. He wanted to go home one day and was able to say the word “home” which brought tears to my eyes. I will never forget these children and my experience with them. They motivate me to work as hard as I do to create awareness for this cause.

Every 11 minutes a child gets diagnosed with autism, and it is time to raise awareness and find a way to help these people. I encourage everyone to wear blue to show your support. Next Saturday we will be having a 5K in Tallahassee for Autism Speaks and if you live in the area please come out and support us! We would love to have everyone there! I will put a link to the event at the bottom of this post. I hope everyone has wonderful day and wears blue! #LIUB

Link for 5K in Tallahassee:

**now back to scheduled postings (Austria)


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