Europe Adventure: Germany

When I was a Freshman in college my parents took me to Europe for the first time! I was really excited because I was born in Germany but had never seen it as an adult. We visited Germany, Austria, Italy, and France spending two weeks total in Europe. One day I want to go back to explore them more thoroughly.

I have a lot to say about what I have already seen, which is why I will have a different post for each country!  So get ready for the ride!


We began our journey in Munich, Germany (my birth place). We spent a few days exploring the city. One of my favorite things about Europe in general is how beautiful and old the cities look. I love looking at the buildings and their architecture because it is so different from America. German houses are so adorable. They take such good care of their houses, and there are always so many beautiful flowers that people plant outside their homes. I wish it was something that we did here. While we were in Germany we also visited Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Partnach gorge (which is really pretty but I was afraid of falling over the edge and dying so I was freaking out the whole time). The Neuschwanstein Castle, and Linderhof Palace.

What I really liked about Munich (besides the buildings) was how adorable downtown was. I took a subway downtown which I thought was really cool because I’d never been on an under ground train before. Most of it looked like a normal shopping area; they even had a Forever 21 (I thought that was cool). My favorite area, downtown, was this market place with so many private vendors, and I saw so many works of art and crafts that the people make. Something I saw, that really stood out to me, was this row of meat stores; they were each very unique and authentic. I thought it was the coolest thing because you don’t see that in the states.

Visiting the Partnach gorge was really cool. I think it is very beautiful and a place that everyone should visit. It is nature at its finest. I must say, however, if you are claustrophobic or don’t like  walking close to the edge of a water fall then this might not be your cup of tea (that rhymed). This is why I freaked out when I went! It was very nerve-racking to be that close to the edge of a waterfall (I cried a little bit after). I am not one to hold back on doing things because I am afraid, which is why I went anyways (also my family was leaving without me). Its a sight I will never forget. It truly is amazing to see how beautiful this place is.

Neuschwanstein Castle was really pretty. It was built by a king who died before it was finished, and it opened to the public after his death. To this day the castle is still unfinished. Fun Fact: the Cinderella castle at Disney World was modeled after it. When you get to the area you can either walk up to the castle, take a horse and carriage, or a bus. The bus line will be very long (we didn’t take the bus). We didn’t know you could take the horse and carriage so we walked up (oh boy, was it a walk). It was more like a hike which was fine but I wasn’t dressed for a hike so it was not as pleasant as I would have liked. When we got to the top it was definitely worth it. The castle is very impressive, it was so big and regal looking. The inside is so beautiful but we were not allowed to take pictures unfortunately. The room that stuck out to me was red and had so much detail on the walls. I thought that one was the prettiest room. On the way out we went through a nature trail, which I thought was way cooler than just walking up the road. It felt like it was a shorter easier route (it was also down hill). I would recommend doing the nature trail over just walking up the road, however, I would also recommend taking the horse and carriage instead of walking because, looking back, I think that would have been a cooler experience.

Linderhof Palace was my favorite place we visited in Germany. The castle was incredibly ornate, and the gardens were gorgeous and relaxing. I enjoyed touring the castle, the inside of the the palace is truly remarkable. There is beautiful antique furniture and gold everywhere. The room that I remember the most was the mirror room, it is exactly what it sounds like (all the walls are mirrors). What I thought made it so amazing was that the mirrors made the space look infinite. There was a sparkly chandelier, and it looked extra sparkly with the the mirrors everywhere. It is a hard experience to describe because it is so grandiose. I, 100%, recommend visiting Linderhof palace so that you can see what I am talking about. The gardens are incredibly extensive.You can walk all the way to the top of a hill in the front of the house and all the way up a hill behind the house and also walk to the sides. The entire area is about a mile long. You can get the best view of the castle by going all the way up the hill where the gardens are. There, you can look down on the palace. In the garden there is this interesting cave area (I thought it was a little weird). It was supposed be a private area for the king. There is a boat in the middle of an underground pond and a beautiful mural on the back wall (I have pictures). On the outskirts of the palace, when you first enter, there is a gift shop and a place to eat. This leads me to my next topic: food!

Food in Germany is very delicious! I fell in love with bratwurst. I had never eaten it before and I loved it. It will never be the same for me ever again. Once you have had bratwurst from Germany no bratwurst from America will ever be as good. We also enjoyed Schnitzel which was amazing. All the food I had in Europe was always so fresh. The freshness is the best part because it makes you feel good about what you are eating. I also have to talk about pretzels and beer. I went to a beer garden and I have to say that I was not a fan of German beer because I thought it was way too bitter (it’s a personal preference). At the beer garden, you get in line and order your food and beer, where as, in a restaurant, there are always pretzels on the tables, and if you want to just eat pretzels and drink beer, you can.


Next I will talk about Austria which is very similar to Germany but needs its own post so that this one isn’t 2,000 words long (I talk a lot).


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